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QGC is one of the esteemed colleges for women in Chakwal and we are proud of its history and present Qadeer Girls College is a provider of Inter-level education in Chakwal District.

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QGC has been established in Chakwal with some particular, precise and clear aims and purposes and those aims and purposes would remain the milestones in the education and training of this College.

It is to create the best human beings in every branch of knowledge, Science or Arts and Spoken English. It is to establish the personality of the students in such a manner that they prove a valuable asset for the country and the nation.

Our Teachers

Faculty of QGC

We like to recognize our faculty and staff for their efforts, service, commitment, and accomplishments.

Mr Faisal Qadeer


M.B.A Business Administration
Specialized in Banking & Finance,
Specialized in Marketing, Software Engineering,
30 Years Experience (Banking, Teaching, Training)

Farwa Batool


Subject: Chemistry
Qualification: M.Sc Chemistry (Inorganic)
Institute: University of Punjab

Irum Saba


Subject: Biology
Qualification: B.S Botany
Institute: University of Gujrat

Wajeeha Sajjad


Subject: Economics
Qualification: MPhil Economics
Institute: International Islamic University Islamabad.

Maria Nawaz


Subject: English
Qualification: MA English (Literature)
Institute: University of Gujrat

Ramish Nida


Subject: Biology
Qualification: BS Hons. Botany
Institute: University of Gujrat

Samia Faisal


Subject: Urdu
Qualification: MS Urdu
Institute: University Of Punjab

Al-Azhari Muhammad Mubasahir Akram


Subject: Islamiat
Qualification: MA Arabic, MA Islamiat
Institute: Al-Azhar University Egypt

Anum Bibi


Subject: Physics
Qualification: MSc Physics
Institute: University Of Punjab

Sobia Javed


Subject: English (Literature)
Qualification: MA English (Literature), Diploma TEFL
Institute: Sargodha University

Wajiha Kanwal


Subject: Sociology
Qualification: MPhil Sociology (Silver Medalist)
Institute: University Of Punjab

Fakhra Manzoor


Subject: Computer science
Qualification: MIT
Institute: University of Arid Agriculture RWP.

Kinza Zahra


Subject: Mathematics
Qualification: BS Hons. Mathematics
Institute: University Of Gujrat

Fozia Yasmeen


Subject: Physics
Qualification: MPhil Physics (High Energy Particle Physics)
Institute: Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad

Aroosa Musaddique


Subject: Psychology
Qualification: M.Sc Applied Psychology
Institute: University of the Punjab

Umair Jameel


Subject: Computer Science
Qualification: B.S Information Technology
Institute: University Of Gujrat

Mr Hafiz Mudassar Shehzad


Area: Administration
Qualification: B.A (Arts)

Mr Mehmood Akhtar


Area: Administration
Qualification: MPhil Mathematics

Visiting Faculty

Prof.Ehsan EIahi Ehsan


Subject: English
Qualification: MA English

Miss Ambreen Ashraf


Subject: Urdu
Qualification: MA Urdu, B.Ed, M.Ed

Muhammad Qasim

Assistant Professor

Subject: Mathematics
Qualification: Bachelor in Architecture (BR)

A Word

From Our Principal

“QGC is one of the esteemed colleges for women in Chakwal and we are proud of its history and present Qadeer Girls College is a provider of Inter -level education in Chakwal District. As a College within the wider Prospects we are a dynamic, fast-growing educational institution that recognizes our strategic location in Oudherwal Chakwal. We are fully responsive to the local/regional needs and aware of our contribution not only to level of education but to the social and economic development of the region.”

– Faisal Qadeer


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Location: Army selection Centre Road, Oudherwal, Chakwal

Telephone: 0331 5751888 | 0300 8422637


College Hours: M-S: 8am – 2pm, F: 8am – 12pm

Why Qadeer Girls College?

We recognize and are proud of the fact that our College campus is located in one of the most scenic areas in the city.  Our College Green Team monitors and maintains how we interact with our idyllic environment as we continue to develop and cater to an increased student population.  The aim of the Green Team is to focus on conserving resources and increase recycling so an environmentally friendly campus can be enjoyed by students, staff, the community and visitors alike.